Call for abstract

Abstracts are submitted online in English or Russian.
Deadline for abstract submission: April 20, 2019.

1) Please register online and enter your Personal area.
2) Choose the section “Abstract submission” at the left-side menu.
3) Please assign one of the main topics of the scientific program to your abstract and choose the type of participation:
– Poster (bilingual English + Russian)
– Oral Presentation (in English or Russian)
– None of the Above, publication only
4) Title of the abstract which shall precisely indicate the content of the presentation, shall not exceed 250 characters and shall not be in all capital letters.
5) Authors’ and co-authors’ names and affiliations (institute, city and country) and active contact e-mail.
6) Text of the abstract which shall not exceed 800 words and shall have the following structure: introduction (background/aims), methods, results and conclusion. Images are allowed. Please note that it will be printed in the Book of Abstracts in black and white only.
You must upload your original abstract file in doc format.
7) Please check your abstract and confirm submission.
All abstracts will be reviwed by the Program Committee. You will receive the confirmation.